Return of the Hump Day Hump!

Blast from the past, Dragon’s Star! *g*
Father had to be the most imposing male that she had ever seen.  He stood head and shoulders above Zol, which placed him as massively large. His shoulders were rounded with corded muscle. His chest was a huge wall of muscle. It was what Zen’s chest, even as large as it was now, would be as he matured. His eyes were a bright blood red: a blood red that looked as if they encompassed all collective knowledge of the world, desert lands included.
His hair was nearly white it was so blond, his skin as dark as the sands at night. He moved with an innate sense of power, of leashed fury that he could at any time release to destroy an enemy.
And he was as naked as the other two.
Her eyes automatically dropped to observe his…male…endowments and she almost choked on her tongue. His cock was as large as…Deserts steeds were small when compared…His cockhead hit him mid-thigh. And it wasn’t even hard!
“Father!” Zol cried out again, almost as if propelled by magic, the black haired male was across the room and in Father’s arms. “How I have missed you.”
“Zol,” he purred, the depth and strength in his voice almost knocking her flat on the bedding. “I have missed you, my mate.”
“And I you, Kyotyte.” That said, Zol found himself hefted higher in the silver haired male’s arms, his mouth covered by a dominate one as large hands ran through his black hair.
Zol moaned his delight, snuggling closer as he wrapped both legs around the new man’s waist, rubbing his growing erection against his stomach as the monster that hung between the giant’s thighs begin to rise.
“Kyotyte?” she stuttered.
“His official title is Father,” Zen explained, as he too rose to his feet. “Kyotyte is his name.”
Pulling away from her, Zen moved with purpose across the room. Seeing this, Kyotyte placed Zol on his feet and turned to face his Alpha Secondary.
“Father,” Zen dropped to one knee, his right hand striking his chest in a respectful, ceremonial manner.
“Rise, my Secondary.” Father intoned and Zen rose to his feet.
“All is as you left, and our Triad…Quad remains strong.”
Kyotyte’s eyebrows rose at this, yet a small smile spread across his full lips. “And with a glad heart, I again assume leadership over the…the Quad.”
Then Zen was in his arms and Kyotyte was lowering his head and their tongues were…
“Oh my,” she said aloud.  She watched them as they kissed; Kyotyte’s tongue invading Zen’s mouth, assaulting it, while Zen gripped his shoulders, moaning softly as his cock began to grow erect.
Her words broke them apart and drew all their eyes to her.
“You have found your mate, Zen,” he spoke softly, as if afraid to spook her. “You must introduce me to this precious female.”
“She has no name, Father,” Zen spoke as he reached out and took Kyotyte’s hand, leading him towards her.
“Zen calls her Shrill,” Zol added. “With good reason, too.”
“Shrill?” Kyotyte raised one silver eyebrow. “She should have a proper name, Zenxian.”
“I tried to assist and was nearly deafened,” Zol pouted a bit, then grinned as he followed. “But she has spirit and I believe I can like her. I would learn to love her if she stopped calling me empty-headed.”
She blushed at that, looking nervously at the one called Father.
It was obvious that there really was no blood between the three men. They were just too different. But there was a connection, a relationship, a bond that was obvious between the three of them that made their story all the more convincing.
“Assist?” Kyotyte laughed. “More like you bulldozed your way in and tried to take over.”
“Well,” Zol laughed. “A direct approach is always the best.”
“Except when dealing with females,” Zen added. “I don’t think she believes us, Kyo. She thinks we are all mad. She was reared by humans, so I was trying to explain the Quad.”
“Mad?” Kyotyte chuckled making her want to slink back deeper into the bedding. “Then I must endeavor to correct any misconceptions about Dragonish.”
“She believes we are humans,” Zol chimed in.
“And did you show her otherwise?” Kyo asked his Secondary.
“I was going to, but then Zol scared her and her mating pains grew bad.”
“And after?” Kyo queried.
“We tried to explain the Quad.” Zen glanced at her as he replied.
“And how could she believe anything about our society when she does not believe that we exist?”  This from a reasonable sounding Kyo.  “You could have done this.”
And in a blink of an eye, Kyotyte seemed to explode in a cloud of smoke, and in his place, there was a massively huge, frightfully enormous, sleek black dragon; one with smoke billowing from its fire-pit sized nostrils and banking fire with its large red eyes.
It dominated the room, crowding the other two men closer towards the bedding, seeming to suck the very air from the room as it inhaled, the sound something akin to a fire-hill exploding.
And just as quickly, there stood the naked man again, looking curiously at her through intelligent red eyes.
“You…” she managed. “You…I…big…” Then her world went dark.