Red Rose Press and LA Banks

Red Rose Publishing
 is donating all of the proceeds from the secnd monday of each month to Leslie and the foundation geared to seeing that her financial burdens are lessened during this trying time.

Red Rose Publishing is also sponcering an E Bay Auction for an E Book reader, a $50.00 gift certificate for Red Rose Publishing,and  2 one of a kind Stuffed Animals with LA Banks Cover Art for her Red ROse Publishing books. All proceeds will be going directly to Leslie.

Here is the link for what we provided

An ebook reader as well as a $50 gift certificate to Red Rose Publishing as well as 2 priceless Teddy Bears with La Bank’s covers on them of her books she has at Red Rose Publishing. 
Thank You for caring about a beautiful person and a wonderful friend that Leslie Banks has been to us for years.
Please help!


Have You Been Flashed?
Stephanie Burke