Points to Ponder….

I gotta tell ya, I am shaky. I have no idea what I am coming down with, but my eyes burn, my head aches, I am dizzy, and I don’t want to leave this here bed. And it not a hang over, mores the pity. Sniffle. So I am going to torture people until I fall asleep again… and then I’ll wake up and do more. No lolly pops today, I can’t take the sugar. Instead I will reflect on what this day means, on the achievements we have made as a people, not just black people, and how I personally can help improve things. Someone once asked me why I don’t focus on racial conflict in my books. I have, and it was between a black woman and a latino man… but still it was more about the story. My response is that I can find racial tension everywhere and anywhere. Just turn on the news. But people don’t need to be beaten over the head with it. I am in it to tell a realistic story with the tools that I have developed, observed, and personally experienced. And in most people’s lives, the race of the person next to them in a non issue. I write about hopes and fears, and dreams and the amazing words ‘what if’. Sometimes the what if has racial issues and sometimes it doesn’t. But I am about telling a story that my readers will love, who’s characters will make you suspend disbelief, and places where there…eventually, will be a happy ending. But instead of focusing in on negativity, we see it daily, I am about enforcing the positive. Yes my husband is white… I forget usually until someone points it out. Yes, I love humor… I swear I don’t set out to write like that, it just happens, yes I am very proud to be black… no matter that my best friend calls me taupe, but what transcends that is that I am a human being doing my best to make this world a little better for the next person. Like Dr. King, I have a dream. My dreams will probably never all come true in my lifetime, but when I look around at my varied family and friends, when I look at the people, blood or not that I consider my family, when I can see so many people with varied opinions, political or not, with different dispositions and attitudes… all gathered just being happy to e alive and connected in some way, shape, form or fashion, ¬†want to cry tears of joy and wonder why the whole world won’t follow our example. This is my world, and I am damn proud of everyone who consents to be a part of it. So on this day, I am grateful for all of you, for you are my joy, my treasures, and my hope for the future.