Okay people! It’s time for the HUMP DAY HUMP! NC 17 for smexy stuff! Today’s snippit is from my upcoming release from Changeling Press, Kopi Luwak! *g* Hot Male on Female..and vice versa action! LOL

“Oh yeah, this will do nicely.”
“Do for what?” She slammed her hands on her hips and glowered at him for all that she was worth.
She was fed up, mad at her sister’s phone call, confused that there were actually beings that shifted in the first place, and sexually frustrated because the mythological shifting being was naked and sprawl across her bed.
What was wrong with the world?
“Mating,” he purred, rolling over to his side, his bronze skin shining as he shifted, muscles rippling as he patted the space beside him. “Get over here and let’s get to it.”
“Get to it!” she grumbled.
“You wanted to be independent, wild, free, to taste the exotic and have pleasures that you have never felt before.”
“I—I did…”
“You want it,” he insisted, his dark eyes narrowing as he licked his full lips slowly. “You know you want it. Here it is, your opportunity to take it.”
“I—I don’t—“
“You don’t have to listen to your sisters or any other human being on this planet. You do not have to settle. You can reach out and take what you want. You can be the bold brash, brave, Missi that I see in this room, in this apartment. I can see the passion in you Missi. I can feel it. I can taste it. Do not settle Missi. You deserve better than that. You deserve it all. You deserve—“
“You?” she cut him off.
But yon naked shifter’s words made sense.
All her life she had existed in the shadow of her beautiful more talented sisters, Sylvie especially. She had done what they wanted because that is what they said good sisters did. She pushed aside her own wants and needs to ensure that they were happy.
When was it her turn?
She turned her gaze back to the man on the bed and a slow grin spread across her lips.
Maybe it was time now.
“But only if you wish it,” he added, looking as serious as he ever had since she met him.
Did she wish it?
She looked over at the man and was hard pressed not to rub her thighs together and moan.
“If this is not what you want, not what you truly want, Missi, tell me. I am not here to force you into anything.”
“Well that is a big turn around from you earlier mating call,”
“I don’t want to pressure you,” he shrugged. “This is not some cheap romance novel or a under budgeted porn movie, Missi. This is real life—“
“Says that man who can turn into a cat.”
“This is real,” he ignored her grousing. “I am not here to force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. But I can smell your desire.”
Again, she just stared at him, this time nibbling her bottom lip.
“I can tell that you want me, Missi. I can hear your heart racing at the thought of me spreading you out on this bed and licking from your hard nipples down to your pretty little pussy.”
Well, she did. And oddly enough, she felt a little more comfortable around the man now that he wasn’t’ trying to toss her into the bed and ravage her… Though ravishment sounded pretty good right about now.
And he was so hot, just standing there, fanning his fingers over his chocolate drop nipples, making them peak about as hard as hers felt inside her bra.
He was offering, not demanding.
Her eyes traveled down to that ungodly huge piece of meat swinging between his thighs, watched as he noticed her watching, watched as it began to grow and stretch, getting hard and thick before her interested eyes. And it was all for her.
She suddenly recalled the spirit and the mood that had her tossing drinks and storming away from a bad date.
She was not accepting crumbs anymore. She was worth a damn sight more than that!
She would not settle! She was reaching out with both hands and taking what she wanted. And she would do it now.
“Nicolau,” she snarled. “Brace yourself. It’s time I get what I want, and I plan on starting with your cock. Lock and load, baby, it’s going to be a long night.”
She pounced hard.
Nicolau let out a hiss as Missi crawled up onto the bed, her eyes gleaming as she stared up his body.
Oh, she liked that noise. She hoped that she could hear it again.
“Too many clothes,” Nicolau muttered. Rolling to over to lie completely on his back, resting on his elbows. “You need to lose some more of them, pretty.”
“Pretty?” She tilted her head to the side and rolled her eyes. “Yeah right.”
But she obediently rose up on her knees and gripped the hem of her dress. She whipped it over her head, for once, not self-conscious about her body.
“Yes,” he breathed and suddenly Missi felt sexy.
It was a strange feeling, knowing that even if she slipped and fell on her ass, this man, this beautiful piece of man, would still find her tempting.
She narrowed her eyes and slowly crawled to him, slapping his legs lightly with her palms until he spread them for her.
“Oh yeah,” she breathed, as she watched his hard cock rest against his stomach, his full balls shifting in their sack between his legs. He had placed himself in a very vulnerable position for her, and she found it tasty.
“Take off more, please?” His eyes were filled with lust as his tongue darted out to lap at those full lips. His breathing was labored.
She paused in her visual stalking of him to look down at her underwear. For some odd reason, a flash of fear ran through her. Had she put on her good panties and bra? She couldn’t remember.
But the full mounds of her breasts resting in the black lace cups that actually did as advertised, lifting and separating until she had a beautiful rack set out for display.
Oh yeah, the good panties…but with the lights so bright…
“Off,” he urged, licking his lips again and sitting up to rest on his elbows again and suddenly saggy breasts were the least of her worries. There was only one way to get that pretty mouth, those luscious lips, wrapped around her nipples.
Before her subconscious could sabotage her with self-doubts again, the front closure was flicked open and the bra was thrown someplace behind her.
“Perfect,” he purred and that made Missi arch her back, really giving the old girls some face time with the beautiful man who was so admiring them.
“You like how this looks?” she asked, resting long hands on his thighs, sliding in between his spread legs until her knees were up against the corded muscles of his thighs.
“Very much so.”
“They taste even better.”
After that, her whole world twisted as he reared up and wrapped both hands around her waist. Her back hit the soft mattress around the same time that she realized that maybe she just might have bit off a little bit more than she could chew.
But then his suckling mouth was on her neck, licking and nibbling until the sensations wanted to make her giggle like a girl and beg for him to stop. But in actuality, it wasn’t enough. The sharp spikes of desire flowing through her were growing and they were growing in direct coalition with his mouth.
She gasped as his teeth nipped at the thick tendon on the side of her neck before he lapped the sting away and moved on down to her shoulders.
Okay, that was good but not as good as a nipple suck!
“I’m getting there,” he chuckled and Missi felt herself flush with embarrassment as she realized that, yes, she had actually said that out loud.
“Sorry… I—I didn’t…”
“Give me orders, baby,” he purred. “I like it when you tell me what to do.”
And if that wasn’t a while can of worms he just opened.
Before she could comment again, he was sliding down her body and—
“Sweet Baby Jesus!” She damn near screamed that, her going out press on nails popping off as she reflexively dug her nails into his back. Her legs spread was suddenly more welcoming that the St Louis Arch and her pussy reflected its joy in liquid tears.
The man had one talented tongue!
She found herself arcing up against his hard body, rolling her hips like a pole dancer, and throwing her head back as pleasure swamped her.
“So responsive,” he pulled off her nipple long enough to mutter, lapping at it as he stared up at her.
Missi managed to blink the haze of lust form her eyes long enough to tell him, “I have two nipples,” before she layback and relaxed into her possession.
And possess her he did. His tongue traveled form one nipple to the next, sucking hard and lightly nipping often. He suckled so hard one time that she felt her nipple was going to pop, and still it wasn’t enough. She wanted more, damn it!
Then he was sliding lower, his fingers plucking at her nipples as his head dropped.
“Please, please, please,” she was chanting as one of her hands went to his head to push him lower towards the golden ring.
And she never once thought of how annoying that was when men did that shit to her. She knew where she wanted his mouth„ and she wanted him to stop taking his time with it.
“Getting there,” he chuckled sliding now closer.
By this time, Missi was rolling her hips against the hard muscle of his stomach. If he didn’t hurry, she would get her stimulation any way she could. And she discovered that washboard abs were good for that.
“Nic!” she moaned as he dropped both hands to cup her ass, and gave her a hard squeeze before he rose up onto his knees, pushing her pussy harder against his flesh.
“You making me all wet, bebe’,” he whispered. “I like it!”
At his words, her pussy exploded, it pulsed and tingled, sending shivers thought her body and pulling incoherent noises from her mouth. Damn if Nic hadn’t made her cum already.
But, instead of abating, the desire in her continued to build. She wanted…needed more and she needed it soon.
“One,” Nic purred, bending over to press his lips against her slightly slack ones, breathing in the air she exhaled. “So many more to go.”
And Missi realized that she was glad, ecstatic even, to have made the decision to allow him to stay.
She licked her dry lips and smiled up sweetly at him and said the one thing that came to her mind.
“Eat my pussy…now!”