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Something was wrong with her. She knew not what it was, but it was clawing at her, making her want to scratch at her arms and howl at the moon.
There was a tingling — no, more of an ache — in the pit of her stomach that seemed to grow and intensify as her scant clothing pressed against her skin. It was an itchy feeling, a feeling that was growing every second, gnawing at her and making her ache for something she could not name or understand.
After he had been taken away, she’d had to fight with everything in her not to attack the handlers and drag him back where he belonged.
In her arms.
She fought against the urge to squeal and screech and howl as she was taken away from him to the bathing room and given a rough scrubbing to remove the male’s filth from her skin, her ornaments taken away and her scant clothing removed. Now, she sat in the large, warm area they’d set aside for her … waiting.
They had said they would bring him back to her, that he was on his way, but the knowledge just made the ache worse, made it turn into a dull pain, an aching pain that was slowly taking over her mind.
Her clipped claws dug at the soft dirt on the fragrant ground and she realized she was in the conservatory. The lush, earthy smell of the place only made her wish to run free, to climb trees, to scream wildly, and made the urge to force him to come to her even stronger. It was her right to be wild and free, and this need would have it no other way, would be satisfied with nothing less.
But for now, she curled up in a small ball, as deep in the trees as she could get, and waited. She wanted to be alone, alone except for him. For him, she was waiting, was biding her time, was longing and pining, and a lot of other things she could not understand or explain.
Her eyes were glassy and she felt almost drugged, a lethargy taking over her naked body that only made the ache all the more apparent. As she heard the first squeaks of the doors being opened, her heart lurched in her chest and her eyes sought out the opening, looking for him.
It made her grow wet, there, between her legs, where the swelling was the worst. Her breasts ached, her nipples hard buttons that begged for something that she could not give. Whimpering, she gently cupped each one, lifting it to take away the weight, to attempt to sooth the gnawing ache.
It was not helping.
But that was the first sight He-o saw as he was pushed into the area, the handlers quickly retreating as they dropped his restraints and slammed the door closed.
She looked up, confusion in her eyes as she stared at the male.
The reactions of her body, on the other hand, were anything but confused. His approach was met with a gush of wetness and an almost painful throbbing in her groin. She whimpered as her body crouched low, her hard nipples crushing against the leaf-covered ground. Her tail lashed hypnotically, rolling gently from side to side, drawing and holding his attention.
“You didn’t wait for me,” he purred as he dropped to his knees, carefully crawling toward her.
Please! Her mental voice sounded both eager and scared as her rear lifted into the air, the heady, musky scent of her filling his nostrils.
“Soon,” he purred low in his throat as he began to circle her.
Her body was a thing of beauty, not at all what he was used to — softer, but very feminine. Her soft, glowing golden eyes met his, a plea and a demand in them as she sniffed the air, marking his arousal for her and keeping him within her sight.
She might be in heat, but that was when a female was both most vulnerable and most dangerous. And, for a woman who contained the powers he felt she had, more desirable.
Her eyes followed him, marked his every move even as her whimpering increased. As her ass lifted further into the submissive offering position, he could see the sweetly swollen lips of her sex dripping with her need, almost pulsing in her want. Yet he still held back, knowing that any female needed more.
I offer you me, she purred, watching him as he circled her. I offer you everything that I am.
“You offer me much, female,” he returned. “Yet you have not offered me your name.”
What good is a name? I am in agony! You said you would fix this. Fix it!
“Demanding creature,” he chuckled as he moved in and finally nuzzled at her neck.
Ohh! she managed as a shaft of pure desire flowed through her belly and forced her knees to shake. Please!
He moved to carefully hover over her, nuzzling aside her long, silver-blond hair and licking his rough tongue over the sensitive skin of her neck.
Then, just as suddenly, she lashed out at him, a low hiss his only warning. She struck blindly, instincts taking over, as she began to fight him, forcing him to defend himself and prove his worth.
He hissed, arching back and barely avoiding the brush of her blunted nails. They might not be sharp, but at this level of closeness, she could tear out an eye or smash in his sensitive nose. His ears lowered tightly against his head as he growled, fire flying to his cock and pushing it from the sheath that housed him.
His female was fiery and tempestuous. Good. No one liked a tame ride, and from the way her body writhed beneath his, this ride would be most enjoyable.
Liger (Pride Talon 1)
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