Number two…My baby Pink!

Number two…My baby Pink! *g* You gotta love the Fae of Lust! LOL
Pink it’s my new obsession Pink it’s not even a question Pink on the lips of your lover, cause Pink is the l

ove you discover Pink as the bing on your cherry Pink cause you are so very Pink its the color of passion `Cause today it just goes with the fashion –Aerosmith
“What the hell is going on today? Is everybody in the world fucking besides me?”
Calita managed to close her eyes as she staggered outside of her brother’s office door.
The man had some female sitting on top of his desk, a roll f saran wrap clutched in her hand as Able made grunting whining noises as he apparently ate her out.
This was the third suck scene she encountered since walking on the e small apartment that housed their small publishing house.
First there was their main artist Fab and his dark hailed lover Casmir, her health and fitness specialists, going at it in the kitchen/break room area.
Fab was on his knees swallowing what looked to be an impressive dick, making doe eyes at his lover. Cas, for his part, had his hands buried in Fab’s short brown hair, massaging his scalp gently as he mumbled praises to the Lord for delivering unto him the perfect mate.
After taking a second to admire Fab’s technique and unflinching attention to detail like the gentle nibbles, the tender way he rolled Cas’ balls, the smirk that rode his lips while he allowed his lover to ride his face, were all noticed and locked away for future reference because Cali got the hell out of dodge.
Then after she gathered her composure enough to look down and see if a wet spot was showing in the crotch of her tight jeans, she stumbled to the bathroom to wipe.
Only once the unlocked door was opened, she was shocked by a pair of strangers having a wild go at it against the sinks.
One was a lavender haired female was bent over the sink bowl, her hands clutching the base as a silver haired man behind her thrust away eagerly at her swollen cunt.
Hell, Cali couldn’t miss it as she walked in on a down stroke and almost had a stroke of her own!
The woman was slamming herself back onto her fuck of choice, squealing and moaning as he reached the full depth of what had to be a twelve-inch cock.
She stared mute as the male pulled out inch after inch of wet swollen throbbing cock, she could actually see it throb, before slamming it back in, much to the delight of the female who was taking it all eagerly and demanding more.
Her gasps of “more’ and “harder” made sure that any innocent by-watcher standing there knew that the act was consensual.
Cali stood there for a moment, head tilted to the side as she contemplated taking anything that size up her twat in horror, before she realized that she was observing two weird looking winged strangers fucking in her bathroom!
Yeah, clear wings were now sprouting from the female’s back and wrapping almost lovingly around the male, which was oddly gentle despite the power fuck he was throwing her.
But wings and odd colored hair and twelve-inch monster sized cocks aside, there were two complete strangers fucking in her bathroom.
Backing away before they noticed her, or worse, invited her to join in, Cali decided the increasingly uncomfortable wetness in the crotch of her panties could wait as she raced towards the safety and information hopefully contained in her bother’s office.
But once there, she again realized that there was a fuck fest going on and she apparently didn’t get the memo.
When did Casual Fridays become free-fuck-for-all days?
Her twin was orally occupied with their secretary who just broke up with her girlfriend now a month before. Since when did Laslie go straight, or at least bi? OR should she be called Lassie because of the howls that were erupting form her throat.
And the child had to be double jointed to have one leg up on her brothers shoulder, the other around his head and have her backed arched up to resemble the Gateway to the West while brandishing an open roll of plastic wrap!
She stepped out of the room and eased the door shut. She wouldn’t bother her brother while he was munching carpet, but she did have to speak with him about this.
So after composing herself, she called to Able, “Um, When you both let go of the golden ring, I’ll be in the waiting room, waiting for some answers!”
Twin groan of pleasure was enough to send her scurrying to the living room waiting area and collapses into their Ikea special couch.
Once settled, she whimpered and resisted the urge to rub her thighs together for some relief. The sexual tension n the small apartment was killing her!
And she was too scared to make for her office! Who the hell knew what could be in there!
So feeling embarrassed, aroused and confused, Calita sat and waited, an waited and waited, skin crawling and knees shaking as she contemplated her business….And wondered if that thick peppermint stick she got when playing Santa’s Elf last year would act as a substitute dildo until she could go down to the toy shop on the corner and purchase a vibrator strictly for office use. Well, not for the whole office, they seemed to have living dildos and oral stimulators, but if instances of unending lust were going to explode, she wanted to be prepared.
“What the hell kind of name is Pink anyway?”
“Pink?” Able grinned at his best friend, twin sister, and co-worker, “Pink. He’s my kind of woman.”
Calita stared at her best friend and brother and resisted the urge to slap him on top of his corn rolled head.
“You mean she, fool,” Calita rolled her brown eyes. “And that doesn’t explain why Inter Office Get Fucked day replaced denim Fridays in this office!”
Able actually managed to blush, well a little as he stared at his twin, an irrepressible pleased look on his face.
“Pink,” he sighed again, tossing a look at his grinning secretary, who sighed and squired in her chair, a freshly fucked look on her face despite the blush that seemed to now be a permanent part of her face and the strangled roll of plastic wrap she still clutched.
Cali shot her the look of death, a look so scary that it had been known to send New Your Fire Fighters running away in fear, a look that made Baltimore street thugs cry. It was looks that made her gynecologist heat up instruments and contemplate shaving a few inches off the thickness of his fingers. It was a look reserved for the lowest of the low, for people who achieved sexual gratification she didn’t, especially when the prospects for future orgasm looked bleak and uncertain.
But the look just tolled off of the poor woman who was still clutching a roll of saran rap mumbling to her brother about how it was better than dental dams for oral sex. Leslie was even squirming in her seat, trying to find a comfortable way to stay seated when she obviously had just been fucked raw. Hell, she still had finger marks in her hair and her shirt was on inside out and….
Cali had to take a moment out of being pissed to wink and nudge at her bother.
“Good work, brat,” she smiled, then her look turned hard again as she snapped out her next command. “Explain!”
“Well, you know we were looking for a columnist to appeal to the sensual sides of life?”
“Talk faster,” Cali snapped. “Yapping with you isn’t getting me any closer to buying my vibrator.”
“What?” Able squeaked, looking horrified at the thought of his sister jacking off, then grinned as he realized why. “Oh yeah, well Pink came in and this mornings interview was…well…something else.”
“Oh, was he giving out free Spanish Fly with every question asked?” Cali snapped. “Talk faster, Abe. I got a magazine to run, strangers fucking in my bathroom, and an itchy eye to prevent! Cut to the chase!”
Her knee was shaking faster, she was sure that the wet in her underwear needed some of the saran wrap the secretary was holding to prevent a massive spill over, and she hadn’t even made it to her office yet! She was going to explode!
“Pink is an Urban Sprite and his special power seems to be dealing with things of a sexual nature, Lust if you will.”
“Right,” Cali groaned. “Who brought the weed in and what was it laced with? Was it Fab? You know how those artistic types are.”
“I’m serious, Cali! You have to meet Pink! And the two in the bathroom were probably his body guards.”
“Right. Urban Sprite, bodyguards, sexual powers. Does our insurance plan cover detox? Because I swear you and everyone else in this office is on something!”
“Just go to your office and meet him.” Abel urged.
“But I didn’t even have my morning coffee yet, Abe! If I have to meet sex spreading urban sprites, I need my cup of java. Oh wait! I can’t get coffee because Fab and Cas are reenacting the blow job scene form Deep Throat! They’ve probably moved on to The Devil and Mr. Smith now, but who can say? All I know is that they are blocking the direct path to my morning caffeine!”
“Just go and meet him, Cali!” Abe said, rolling his eyes. “Go meet Pink and see what happens.”
“Go to your office!” Abe stood up, ignoring his unfastened pants that were sliding off his ass and pointed, “Go! Believe me; it will all make sense then.”
“Fine!” Cali shouted, also jumping to her feet, taking one inconspicuous look behind her to see if the wet mark had spread. “I’ll go!”
A deep masculine, “I’m cuming!” and a gurgled, “Good boy!” coming from the kitchen gave them all a pause.
Cali snarled at the dual shouts of orgasm coming form the kitchen area then turned to face her brother again.
“This had better be good, Abe, or you will curse the day my egg split in two and spawned your horny ass.”
Then with as much dignity as she could muster, Cali tuned to walk away, but paused. “And another thing…. Make them disinfect my kitchen area, especially around the coffeepots. And use bleach! Lord know how far Cas shot or if Fab swallows!”
She stormed towered her office, stopping to shoot a sneer at the rattling bathroom door before stalking off to her office.
“Damnit,” she hissed under her breath. “Why is everyone getting fucked instead of me?”