Not Dead… Just MAJORLY drugged up…

Hello loves… Man, it has been some time since I updated… And I mean new covers and several books ago. Sorry… I am fucking up here… No excuses.
Sexy handsome hunk
Here are so things that you might like to know and more updates! *g*
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I am on meds, glorious meds. Yes, there was some sarcasm there, but I am joining the ranks of the medicated. Nail Patella Syndrome has decided to show its ass off. It really started this past summer… and like an idiot, I ignored it. It got progressively worse… I mean to the point where I couldn’t stand upright or walk for more than an hour without wanting to cry or bite someone’s head off. What can I say? If anything, I am stubborn. It pays to know yourself. It finally got to the point where I could barely move without pain and sex hurt… I know, an overshare, but this is the amount of back pain we are talking… it was the I can’t even get laid to take my mind off of my pain… pain.
So… I made an appointment with my doctor and brought Den along… someone had to drive. My trick in a planter in the back yard and we are riding in a 2000 suburu… I digress to bring up how very low to the ground that car is… LOL OMG! Den and I both look like¬†turtles climbing out of it! LOL… But… I was at my doctors and Den took an almost fiendish delight in exposing what a stubborn hard headed girl I was being. Oh, I got it. I got it from Den and from my Doctor… even my parents chimed in when I told them about it… I was a bad stubborn girl who prolonged her pain because she didn’t want to go to the doctors.
In my defense, they always find something new that is wrong with me… Grumble… Just saying…
My Protector Part Two by Stephanie Burke
Anyway, they are beginning to treat each symptom since there is no real treatment or cure for Nail Patella… So… Arthritis meds daily, Elevil every night… I mean a fuck ton of elevil… it is an anti depressant, but it helps repair nerve damage… and of all things, a narcotic four times a day or as needed… I am sticking to the or as needed. Can you say meds leveling out… and the scary thing is that there may me more meds in my future. Going to try Acupuncture next… and walking in a heated pool. It’s working out… until I do something stupid… like shovel snow and break ice with a pick ax… yeah, not my greatest feat of intelligence… but I am getting better.
The Hard Way (Box Set) by Stephanie Burke (200x300)
The only thing I can say about these drugs is that it takes getting used to, I need to remember to take them with me when I am not at home… and fiber and water are your best friends… they have a place equal to Den or the kids… I mean… wow… ¬†yeah, water and fiber!
The Slayer by Stephanie Burke
I have a few exciting happenings coming up in the Spring… pray that it comes and stays… and hopefully some new publishers and a host of new worlds to play in.
Delicious (Wet) by Stephanie Burke
Just wanted to let everyone know, I am fine… I am not dead… merely heavily medicated! *g*
Love you all! Will be talking to you all soon!

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