Last one and I saved the Best for Last!

I know I have been hinting at a secret project for months now.. well, here it is!


The Alphas go Wild Tomorrow!

Click below to join in the fun!

Alpha Party Central

I was tagged by eleven very talented authors to be a part of the 12 Alphas, 12 Months anthology!  SCREAMMMMM!!!! LOL

I got Mr. August and he is hot! Tego and Daiki burn up the computer. It is the beginning of the Bottom’s Up Series and is, as was widely requested, a return to the highly favorably reviewed Alpha Omega, Beta world used in Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me by Stephanie Burke

Yes, people! The primal males are back!

Check us out tomorrow as we open for pre-release sales and a whole day of fun.

I will be on at 11 am and I have some games and prizes to share.

I hope I see you there!

Loves you all!