Just Who Do You Think You Are? Character Images for My Worlds!

Character images by series…
I have a lot of strange worlds floating around in my head. Sometimes I need help just to keep them all organized. So this is a major Who’s Who cast of characters and their descriptions from all of my worlds, present, future, and past.

How Not To…


How Not to Date an Alien

Valan– When an alien lands in your bed telling you that he is hunting humans– if he looks like this, I may just let him nibble.


Has anyone seen Kilana? Tied to the bed, legs all spread, waiting for an alien to give her head… um… I’ve said too much! LOL


How Not to Date a Fae

A Pixie, a Celtic Fae, and a somewhat Japanese Priest can get up to some stuff in the wilds of Ireland. And maybe, two somebodies will fall in love.
Cailte Mac Ronain, a Ginger like no other… and not because he’s centuries old.


Ario, so beautiful in his suffering. Maybe he won’t be suffering for much longer…


How Not to Date a Skunk

A funny thing happened on the way to the Pow Pow…
Chaska can dance into my life anytime! With or Without the fur!

Billana knows a good thing when she sees it through her view finder. And her camera has never brought her such a good thing before. Technology is wonderful!



How Not to Date a Vamp

Virgil can’t help the fact that he is not some media made vampire, all glittery and rich… But he hopes that he can convince Barb that that the real thing is better than Hollywood smoke and mirrors.
Virgil can nibble at my neck anytime!

Barb can sing like the angels. Which is good. But her dark angel is interested in more than just song.
Our own Bad Barb Hicks was the inspiration for this book. And this is how I see her.


How Not to Date a Bear

Polar Bears in Canada? No big deal. The Russian Bear clans engaged in mafia style war? That is something all together. And to beleive it all started with a bear hunt, a torrid night of sex, and a… well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? *g*
Declan can come and bear  hug me anytime he wants! He just has to remember to strip first.

Gillian is a woman who knows what she wants. It’s a good thing she wants big strong protective man. The biting and the growling, that’s an added bonus.



The Coven Universe

The Coven

Let’s hear it for The Coven. Remember Cyprus and her band of merry gargoyle type men? Lets see who is who, shall we?
Cyprusurakaliesupreidesa, or call her Cyprus for short. Straight out of the House of Equlestraa Untitalis, she is the undisputed leader of her coven of six.


Her number one man, Unus. He gave up a lot to be with the women he loves, especially since he knows he has to share. Just don’t mess with this one. He’s dangerous!


Duae is a fighter. He may look delicate, but he packs a punch. Don’t get in this one’s way. He’ll lay you out flat and look sexy doing it!


Tria. What can be said about the number three man? He’s about as hot as he is deadly. Proceed with extreem caution! He likes to bite!


Quatra… Just imagine Kat with long white hair. He is arrogant and deceptive but his attitude is earned. He is a fighter, a lover, a sarcastic joker, and the last male you want to see in a dark alley after you’ve done wrong.


Quinque looks like the all American Boy Next Door. But don’t get it twisted. This male is packing a double whammy of extreme intelligence and hyper sexiness. He is willing to do anything to protect his lady, except roll over. You want to stand over him? Then you have to take him down hard.


Sex-born as Jason Giles. Boy does sexy number six not know what he stepped into when he came to catch a serial killer. But he is tough as nails and twice as determined. And if he uses his intelligence and not listen to his libido, he may discover something and some people are  worth dying for.



Cyprus is fierce! But have you ever wondered where she got her start? Have you ever wondered about her family? Well, a lot of your questions can be answered in Unus. You gotta know your history before you can move forward.
Cyprus’ Family
Cypusupriaratizaor or Raitza for short. Cyrpus’ Mother and Coven Master. Fierceness doesn’t fall far from the tree. And if Cyprus takes your breath away, Raitza will shake your soul.


Caza,The First in Raitza’s Coven. Black skin,  silver white hair, purple eyes, and enough power to shake the pillars of heaven!


Onnah, you beautiful hunk of man you! Can I come and kiss those lips? He is aggressive, he is protective, he is one to keep your eyes on. And isn’t it a pleasure to watch?


Redisaton is the one who Cyprus is most like. From this man she gets a lot of her attitude, a lot of her compassion, and… well, you’ll see!


Acktla is a pale beauty who is as wild as his hair. Watch out for this bad boy, because he definitely keeps his eyes on you.


Kimshire is beautiful, dedicated, and ready for action. But don’t get on his bad side. He knows how to lay you low. Don’t mess with him or his family.


Quar is a beauty who’s intelligence is only second to his strength of will. And he is very strong willed.



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