It's Time for your HUMP DAY HUMP!!!!

It’s time for you Hump Day Hump! Today, I will post a few stating with the unedited and upcoming NC 17 snippet (masturbation) How Not to Date a Changeling! WOOT!
Chapter 1
“What the fuck?”
Taylor Martin nearly jumped out of his skin as a wail that could only be described as banshee like permeated the walls of his new home. The glass of Riesling he just poured cascaded over his hand as he tried to control his hands shaking. “Alcohol abuse,” he murmured sadly staring at the puddle of the rich sweet wine at his feet.
But the siren screech of a wail sounded again and Taylor found himself turning to face the kitchen window. Was somebody murdering cats? Herding peacocks? What the fuck?
He grabbed a dishtowel to mop up the spill and winced as the odd sound echoed again. He rose to his feet and made his way to the kitchen window, watching as a mass of night birds took flight, sleeping away from the darkened house in question as another wail sounded out.
That particular dwelling was a three sorry monstrosity that during the day was pained a sedate dark green. The were no gardens to speak of, but the lush green lawn was well maintained lawn the circular drive before it solid and practical.
It was a worry that the house. Next to it, his new house, was going for such a small price. The neighborhood was not exclusive, but he was sure that there were a few antique cars in some driveways and there had been a Mercedes SUV in one driveway.
Taylor himself, was an ex solider by trade and now a photographer out of necessity, and was more than stunned to find such a forest deal on his own two-story Hudson Bay home. Now he was beginning to understand why the house went up for a short sale.
One more wail sounded, this one not as intense as the others and then total silence fell.
Shaking his head at his rotten luck, Taylor poured one more glass of wine and retreated to his master bedroom where a tub of hot steaming water waited. It was one of the few thighs he promised himself when he landed stateside and now that the wailing seemed to be over for the night, he was going to take advantage.
Once upstairs in his private domain, he placed his sweet wine on a bath table next to his tub and shimmied out of his sweatpants. As he undressed, he looked down at the scars criss crossing his body and wrinkled his nose at the sight. He was damn lucky he could walk, he reasoned staring down at the keloids and raised scars that covered his legs and hips. He reached down and tugged at the soft skin of his testicles, knowing that one of them was a prosthetic. Shaking off his growing depressed thoughts, he settled himself into his tub, sighing as the heat permeated his skin. He felt his muscles relax as he settled back against the tub. He closed his eyes and gripped his dick.
Erections for him were few and far between, some of it having to do with pain, some with the meds he was on, and some of it just pure depression.
But tonight, tonight was one of the good nights. With the wine warming his blood and the hot water seeping into his muscles, it was time for a little self-healing.
He closed his eyes and sank deeper into the tub, the hot water lapping at his skin sent tingles over his skin and a twisting in his stomach. His balls churned as blood filled his dick, his stroking hand helping it along.
He inhaled deeply, breathing in the steam and the scents of growing lust as he tightened his fist and ran his thumb over the plum colored head of his cock.
Taylor had a pretty cock. He knew it and several people commentated on his favorite body part during his career as a sexual being. It was thick, but not veiny and was a solid tan color from base to the start of his head. Other men he had seen had a round ring around their dicks marking were they had been cut as children, but his scar was so thin it was barely noticeable.
His cock curved gently upward, something the women in his bed seemed to enjoy greatly when he found their g spots and rode it like a cowboy. The gentle widening of his shaft convinced more then one woman to turn over and go ass up and give anal a try.
Taylor had a pretty dick and he was so happy to see it full, stiff, and radiating need that he could almost cry.
Instead he took a firmer grip and slowly stroked the shaft again, his thumb rubbing a clear bead of precum around the soft skin of its head.
He groaned, allowing himself the pleasure of making the noise, letting it tighten his muscles as the sound added to his need. Yeah, he was home along and mastering his domain. No one could say a damn thing about it, and if they had opinions, they had better keep them to themselves. Nothing was going to harsh his rush.
He pumped his fist a little faster biting his bottom lip as pleasure began to coil in his stomach. His knees began to shake and his ass tightened on his next stroke.
“So good,” he moaned clenching his teeth as a shaft of pure heat tightened his nipples and shot strait to his cock, making it throb harder. “Mmm,”
As he stroked harder, his hips began to thrust upwards, splashing and churning the water around him, but he paid it no heed. His balls were slowly drawing up and his toes were curling.
It was perfect and it was hot and it was so very wet. His fist was pounding now as his free hand went below the water to cup his balls, rolling them gently as he spread his thighs as far as he could within the confines of the tub.
Right now, his body was a sexual machine. With no scarring or pain to hinder him, he let his mind drift.
God, to sink into some dusky skinned beauty… to feel her legs wrap around his waist as her nails dug into his shoulders…
And her voice, it would be deep and dark, filled with lust as she gasped his name.
Yeah, he could picture his dark haired lover, her hips jerking up into each of his thrusts, her breasts bobbing wildly as he loomed over her, pounding her as hard as he could and have her begging for more.
“Umn,” he grunted as white lights began to explode behind his eyes and fire shot down his spine.
She would be screaming now, yelling as her tight pussy clenched around him, milking him hard, her nails digging in his ass…
His hands slipped off his balls and sank further back, caressing his ass, stroking the sensitive skin there, and sending his hips slamming upwards.
“God, yeah,” he hissed his eyes squeezing tightly as his balls slammed against the base of his dick and his dick swelled to its fullest.
Then he was shooting, spraying his load over the water and up onto his stomach, gasping as his body flooded him with hormones and made his body shake as it was attacked with pleasure.
He felt a shaft of pain in his left knee, but it all blended with the pleasure running over his body, making his blood sing and leaving him limp as a used dishrag.
“Oh yeah,” he moaned as his body shook in aftershocks, as the still hot water cradled him gently.
He loosed his grip on his dick, enjoying the lingering spams of his orgasm. His other hand left his ass to softly pet his stomach, playing with the sticky seed that the water had not yet washed away.
He would have to change the water… but in a moment. Right now, he was too relaxed and–
“Sweet baby Jesus!” The wail returned, louder than before it trailed off slowly and silence descended once more.