It's Time for you Hump Day Hump… A lil M/M rated R hump from my recent release from Red Rose Press… The Day After….

His scalp began to itch and his skin burned as his fur totally retreated, his white main sliding up to become a head filled with snow white hair.
When the transformation was complete, he would have fallen, had not strong arms reached for him.
Tavin opened his eyes and looked up, his dark gaze going to the pale green eyes that looked down at him.
“I’ve got you,” the softly spoken words warmed his heart, chasing away that cold that had began to from in his heart and spread outward, freezing his soul.
That warm green gaze held him anchored to reality, anchored to his emotions, preventing him for weeping and wailing at his lot in life.
“We thank you,” Tavin pulled his eyes away from those of his lovers to turn his head and glare at the group of elders who chose to come out and welcome back Santa’s Reindeer, the saviors of their herd. “Your sacrifice—“
Tavin turned away, turned them out.
It was all well and fine for them to come out this morning, they all had homes to return to, away from this accused cold.
It was one final stipulation that those chosen had to remain in the North where Santa could protect the nearly powerless deer from the dangerous humans.
Of course, Tavin felt it was just a means of control, so that he would not loose his prized beasts of burden.
And the elders showing up and laying on the thanks pretty thick was annoying at best and hypocritical at most, in his opinion.
So he turned them out, turned away from them and tried to let his anger flow away like the pillows of white breath that poured from his mouth as he panted.
It took the last of his magic to change him back and now he was feeling the cold and wet of the freshly fallen snow so there was none to keep his body temperature regulated.
“Don’t let them get to you,” his lover chided as a thick blanket was wrapped around his shoulders.
Tavin closed his eyes, snuggling in deep. The blanket smelled of wood smoke and fresh herbs, the scents he most associated with his lover.
So the elders droned on, but Tavin found himself escaping into the warm arms and the scent of his lover.
He barely noticed being hefted in his strong arms and carried away.
There was another pulse of magic and suddenly Tavin knew he was home.
He opened his eyes and looked up into the green orbs that glowed for him, expending magic for him, and he smiled.
“Still not speaking?” his lover appeared amused. Tavin shook his head, content to snuggle into those protective arms and forget his cares.
His lover, his Blaka was beautiful.
The tall elf had a fall of black silky hair that stopped mid back on his muscular frame. His ears were sharp proud points that wiggled as he smiled down at him. And his eyes, oh those beautiful merry eyes were the colors of magic itself. They were sparkling emeralds that glinted in the firelight of their cottage. They were all he needed to see to know that he had endured yet another year and would live to do the same once more.
Blaka kept him grounded, kept him going, loved him unconditionally though he was trapped and rather unlike most other shifters that the dark elf had known.
“That’s okay, Love,” Blaka’s voice echoed with the tingling of bells, a powerful voice that would manipulate if he chose to do so, that could bring pain or pleasure at its possessors whim.
But Blaka chose to do neither of these things.
He just—well—he loved Tavin.
“A bath I think,” he continued as he carried his grateful burden into the bedroom where another fire had been lit, where the blankets were pulled back from the bed to expose warm flannel sheets, where he could forget all about his long night. “And then. Blaka continued, “Maybe a bite to eat to replenish your strength” He lowered him to the bed. “I think—“
His words were cut of as Tavin marshalling his strength, pulled his lover to him.
Food and bathes be dammed. He needed something much more real. He needed—
“Are you sure, love?”
The incredulous look on his face must have been amusing, because Blaka snickered as he leaned down and gave him
The first brush of Blaka’s lips against his were pure magic.
His soft full lips pressed firmly against his before his tongue invaded his mouth, conquering him and pulling whimpers of surrender from his throat.
Tavin raised his hands and tinge his fingers in Blaka’s hair, tugging and massaging at his mouth as the kiss grew more intense.
Night’s Stars, he loved the taste of his elf—sweet herbs and musk.
He pulled away slowly, their lips slowly parting, and looked up into that beloved face.
His heart pounded in his chest, his soft pants being breathed in by his lover.
They stared at each other, green eyes to black for one short eternity, before Blaka lowered his head and took his mouth again.
Tavin fought his way free of the blanket that still covered him, pushed it aside as if it didn’t matter. He had all the heat he needed right there, in his arms. And he wanted full body contact.
As if reading his thoughts, Blaka broke away from the kiss, a wicked smile on his lips, as he sat up.
“You don’t have to talk,” the voice was like ghostly fingers, caressing all of his exposed skin, tugging at his nipples, caressing the head of his cock. “I know what you want. You just lie there.”
That said, Blaka whipped the pale red tunic that covered his chest over his head, flinging his hear back in a wild fall of silk as he tossed it aside.
“I know what you need.”
He rose to his feet and with long slim fingers, seductive sensual fingers, he began to pull open the ties to his loose black pants.
Tavin watched, his heart slamming against his breastbone, his cock a rock hard throbbing ache as his lover teased him as he exposed his perfect body for his viewing.
“You just lay right there,” Blaka purred, bending over to pull the pants free, his shoes discarded by the door, Tavin supposed.
But when he rose up, Tavin felt his breath catch.
Mother Night his elf was magnificent.
His skin was a rich deep earthen brown that covered muscles that were firm and solid. His chest rippled as he moved, his pecs broad his nipples an oddly beautiful rose color. There was a thin trial of hair that led down from below his navel to surround a rich darker brown cock that rose proudly from his body. Even as he stared hungrily, licking his suddenly dry lips, a pearly bead of pre-cum beaded to its head.
Then his lover was over him, his hands gripping his hips as their cocks, oh that felt so good, pressed against each other.
“You like that?” Blaka hissed, bending down to nip at his lips, his neck, to trail biting kisses across his chest.
Tavin could only grunt and arch up in response. He needed friction. His lover’s hot body, his soft skin, his tight wiry muscles above him, was driving him insane.
His legs parted of their own accord, giving Blaka the space he needed to nestle closer, to reach between them and fist their cocks together.
“Yes,” Blaka hissed as his head fell forward, surrounding them with a curtain of black silk. But it was his hips, those sinewy, snaky hips that began to gyrate in counter point to his hand strokes that had low groans pouring from Tavin’s mouth.