It's the return of the Hump Day Hump Pirate VS Ninja IV NC 17….

It’s a new year and time to get back with my Pirate and my Ninja! When we last left off, Liza and Jay were the victims of coitus interruptus by non other than the poison fists of Opal! Oh No! What’s a poor Pirate and Ninja to do? *g*
Flash, who is having fun with this one!
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Jay went flying.
It was not his most graceful dismount ever, but it kept him alive. And what more could he want?
His back hit the hard carpeted floor, and he took a moment to think about how much stray hair and jizz he was sitting in, hotel carpets were notorious for not being clean, when he realized that he was about to live out every man’s fantasy.
There was a naked chick he was just fucking… and a hot Asian babe fighting!
Thank you God, he offered up a silent prayer. I must have done something right!
He rose up on his knees and peered over the side of the mattress and bit his lips to hold back a groan.
There was Liza, in all her naked blond glory landing a massive punch into he stomach of the one called Opal. Her muscles rippled, her ass bounced, her boobs were doing this kind of wave thing as her arm extended. If he had some mud he would be having a real show.
And Opal… Yeah. Long black hair flying, her lips parted in an “o” of pleasure…rather pain as Liza’s punch landed, but the way she gritted her teeth, tossed her hair back, and swung her leg up into a high hammer kick, a high full split no less, and let her heel drop, barely missing Liza…oh yeah, that was hot.
His balls were still tingling and his dick was still hard, so he had to drop a hand down and help ease the tension a little.
And if the condom went flying and his hand fist just started stroking his throbbing shaft, then so be it.
Opportunities like this didn’t come along often, and almost never for him. Well, there was that threesome in Bangkok, but he had won those girls fair and square during a poker game where he only cheated a little. This was something all together different.
Opal let out a screech as Liz reached up and grabbed the front of Opal’s shirt. There was a loud rip and then the front of that back silk…thing she wore was ripped away, exposing pale flesh, high small boobs tipped with dark nipples.
He moaned as his balls began to rise up.
But he quickly pinched the base of his dick and tugged his balls down, staving off any accidental cuming. This was getting good and it would ruin his good mood to have him blow his load too soon. There was more to see.
He turned his eyes back to the fight, to the two pairs of rather nice bouncing boobies and the flex of highly trained feminine flesh as the two women began hissing at each other.
Liza struck again; knocking Opal back a step, but the Asian woman recovered and narrowed her eyes in anger.
She spat out a string of syllables that had to be cursing in a foreign tongue, and stuck out at Liza again with her long powerful legs.
Liza swing at the legs, tearing one pant leg completely off, spinning Opal around and delivering a humiliating boot to her ass.
Bit Opal eluded the blow by jumping into a backwards flip, stretching out that taut little compact body into an arch as she spun over backwards, giving him an excellent shit of her bare boobs in flight before she landed, back to him, knees bent, flexing her cute little ass.
“You will die!” Opal hissed in English and her sleeves must have been annoying her, flapping around like torn ribbons on a costume, cause she reached up and tore them free, leaving her whole upper body exposed.
There was a hawking huge tattoo of a pair of dancing fish tattooed on her back, their scales seeming to shine and shimmer as she positioned her body for her next attack.
Liz had no tattoo’s…that he had seen, but her pale flesh was a wonderful compliment to that inked on colors that Opal sported.
Now he was stroking his dick hard, his free hand rolling and tickling his balls as he watched the two women trade off blows, sexy grunts and growls rolling from their throats.
“God yeah,” he muttered, as he felt his thighs strain as he thrust up into his fist. Precum was plentiful and rolling down his shaft, lubricating hi fist, making the glide easier as he fucked his hand faster and faster. “Keep going, ladies!”
Opal’s one pant leg was falling down now, exposing the crack of her tiny little ass and as she spun around on one leg, kicking out at Liza, the dusky lips of her shaved pussy.
And there was Liza, her swollen labia thrust towards him as he spun around, back towards his eyes as he bent over to avoid the kick.
“Better than porn,” he was moaning like a whore, stroking like he was pumping for oil, sweating like he was between the two of them getting his fuck on but good.
And just as fire was shooting down his spine, his eyes closing, his toes curling, his body tensing in preparation for the biggest orgasm of his life…
“You perverted freak!”
He opened his eyes to see both women, panting for breath, disheveled and naked, glaring at him.
“Getting off, Jay?” Liza sneered and for the first time his brain kicked out the message that making jacking off to a life and death struggle wasn’t the best of ideas.
“I got something to get you off,” Opal sneered and then both women were stalking towards him.
Jay didn’t know whether to run away or to throw himself on their mercy…and it looked like running wasn’t an option.
“He has no brains,” Opal snorted as she closed in to the left, tossing her comment to Liza.
“But he has a big dick and he knows what to do with his tongue,” Liza counted. “Wanna try him?”

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