It's Blogging Time!!!

The Massive Blog about What I have been doing lately….
Let me preface this by saying that I need memory help!!!
Not buying it? Hmm… How about the truth. I get overwhelmed and I forget. Time to get an assistant, I think, so I can remember to do these things! Anybody want to work for stories? It’s hard work but I have it on the greatest authority that I am cute and  entertaining… No takers, huh? Damn that Luring Minions Book. They lied! Sniffle! I have no minions and I am out of magic beans. LOL
That being said, on with the updates! *g*
I recently attended the Frederick Book Festival. It was the first time that this festival was being held and I hope they hold it for a great number of years to come.
It was kind of disorganized. I still don’t have my name tag, but I am chalking it to growing pains and leaving it at that.
The best things were I got to hang with Beautiful Trouble and its many wondrous authors and owners and Margret Riley from my beloved Changeling press came out to play.
It was cold and damp, but like the Avengers, we assembled early at the Frederick Fair Grounds and gave the place some attitude! LOL WE laughed, we joked, we handed out promo and got to attend a panel.
It was Diversity in Fiction and was immediately hijacked my us! LOL No lie, Jeanie, Jayah, Serenity King, and the rest of us actually spoke about the huge elephant in the room. A lot of diversity panels don’t get to the meat of several matters… like diversity doesn’t only mean black and white, it’s a relationship between people of any different racial and or cultural background. Yeah, like all those Sheik and Indian Romances we used to read as kids… and alien’s of course. *g* And if you think that the problems of diversity are at an end, just try to find a passionate interracial couple in a clench. You get tired of After School Special and Business hand shakes that pass for romance in the interracial level. Sheesh!
We cut out soon after for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse and that was warm, and filling both emotionally and nutritionally. After that Den drove me home and poured me into a hot bath. But boy do I have memories! PJ Schyder was there, and John Monohan, and several other local authors I have not seen in a long time. I didn’t sell a single book, but I had re-connect time with my friends and that made it well worth the trip.
Lets hear it for Balticon….

Oh yeah! The four day marathon of panels, costuming, and fun!
Margret Riley came out for a two days, a record for her, believe me, and we had a blast! I met so many awesome authors there, and of course so many more friends. PJ Schnyder, Zan Rosin, Huge Casey, Rose and Dion Sims, Chris Stuppi and Wendi Dawn, Danielle Ackley –Mcphail… way too many to name here. And I got to be in The Avengers…and Schwarma After with The Usual Suspects. I was Nick Furry during the morning and Fury at the skit. I got to wear an eye patch and a tactical holster… too much fun and they actually made me say, “I want these Monkey-Fighting Nukes off my Monday-Friday plane!” Cackle!
The panes ranged from a shared Broad Universe Reading with Margret Riley to Alien Sex in Sci-Fi all the way to Using Comedy in Sci-Fi. I had awesome panelists and made many new friends and contacts.
Now I have survived the cons, the festivals, and the Graduations… My baby Dev has graduated high school and soon will be college bound… AND now I get a two-day break before we head off to Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get-Together. I am tired but content for now. But that just means insanity is waiting around the corner!
Books and WIP’s…
Out of Bounds from Total E Bound Press is up for pre order! WOOT! It is the worlds best anthology featuring the writing styling’s of  Cheryl Dragon, Megan Slayer, and me, Stephanie Burke! Check it out now!
Two weeks and How Not to Date a Changeling will be away to my poor editor… KK, I am sooo soooo sorry! LOL
Still plugging away at How Not to Date a Bear, too!
Another chapter on Cold Burn… Ember is still holding on tightly…
Another chapter on Dragon’s Clutch… those damn dragons call to me
Nearly finished Green World… sniffle… death…
Working on an erotic omnibus with KT Pinto… review and edit before I send to her for approval…
Nothing on Murder of Ravens… I’ll get back to it…
And started a new novel about a serial killer… at my son’s graduation… what does that say about me? Sheesh!
Holy Shadow has a few new characters…..
Then I forced myself to stop lest I get overwhelmed again. Sigh. Such is my life! *G*