I got Mr. August!!!

I got Mr. August! I Got Mr. August… *g* Meet Tego, omega by birth, bad assed and awesome by nature! *g* ‪#‎12A12M‬ 12 Amazing Authors, 12 months of passion.
“Just because my eyes are silver doesn’t mean I won’t fuck you up on this beach, people watching or no.”
Despite his size, his build, and his choice to wear his hair short in defiance of the popular omega hairstyles, he knew his eyes would always give him away every time. They were not one of the darker jewel tones that most alpha’s possessed, his were omega silver– bright and glittering– and a dead giveaway to his status even more so than the pheromones he fought to keep under control or his smooth soft alto timber of his voice.
“You are so lucky that I am not bashing your face in as a warning to all the alpha bastards who think they have the right to dictate how my life is supposed to be or how I am supposed to act.” He looked around at the crowd of alphas and betas, most were making no effort to ignore the confrontation, and saw that though some of them were staring at him in disapproval, most seemed to be outraged that the jack ass has touched him. In fact, a few of them were calling out encouragement to Tego as they filmed the confrontation on their cell phones as the short alpha’s face reddened in embarrassment.
“But—but—“ the alpha sputtered but Tego suddenly spun around back towards the beach as he picked up a familiar scent and heard a familiar growl. Raven, alpha assistant to Tamela Harvin on the Helping Hands, Caring Heart’s photo calendar, was trotting over in his direction and that particular alpha was not looking happy.
Not wanting to get the photography people involved in this stupidity at the beach on his account, Tego waved to the photographer and a few of his assistants that were following the angry male. Raven was a great guy, but Tego didn’t need extra muscle to handle this situation. He waved them away and noted that though the huge male stopped his forward progress, he stood ready for action should the confrontation got out of hand. He crossed his muscular arms over his chest though he still looked concerned, but the backed off and let Tego handle his own business.
“I can’t believe that you are so stupid as to use the word irreguardes let alone attempt to lecture tell me how improper I am.” He sneered, his fangs dropping a bit as he narrowed his eyes at the man now broadcasting fear and confusion in his scent pile. “You have one minute to get the fuck out of my face, or so help me Diana, Hecate, and the bunny princess pounding medicine on the moon, I will rip your fucking head off and shit down your throat.
With a whimper, the alpha pissed down his leg before he turned tail and ran from the area, the stench of his fear nearly poisoning the air around him,
The concerned alpha stepped back, but Tego felt empowered by the thumbs up the man gave him turned one more to glare at the upstart alpha.
A few omega’s clapped and the alpha shook their head at the fall of one of their own. Some began calling for an end to the Omega Protection Act and making the alpha’s that called out encouragement as Tego shook himself from his anger and tried to pull himself together.
Now was not the time to deal with society’s perception of how an omega should behave. Now he still had a job to do and even less time now to get to it.
Fuck alphas who thought they had to right to tell him what to do with his body, he thought as he carefully picked his way over the hot sands of the beach. Who was that dumb ass to tell him what he should and should not be doing with his body let alone touch him? The Omega Protection Act was stupid and antiquated, but the worse thing about it was that it gave some old fashioned pregnant and barefoot alpha’s permission to treat omegas any way they wanted with the moral high ground of saying what they did was legal therefore moral. Fuck that notion, Tego fumed as he moved through the growing throng at the beach and made his way towards the hotel. Slavery was once considered legal and moral but now someone caught putting a metal shackle on an omega would not live long enough to make it to a trial date.
Angry alpha’s and betas would take to the streets and revive the old ways and take to the streets to slaughter any perceived slave master as a sick individual who needed to be purged from the pack’s gene pool. In many opinions, including his own, the Omega Protection Act was just one step away from being the slavery, but now the shackles were to be made of paper and ink, and the domination of a gender appropriate because of it’s ability to bear young considered… civilized.
Disgusted, Tego turned and stormed down the beach and back towards the hotel, divorcing himself from the situation as quickly as possible. This little interruption took up time he didn’t have. From the looks of the hangers-on who had gathered to watch the photo shoot, they would have more than likely enjoy the spectacle between the upstart silver eyed omega beating the shit out of the short alpha. It was probably already making its way across social media.
Tego knew how strong and capable he was. Ever since he was sixteen he had been doing the best that he could to care for his siblings and no self-righteous prick of an alpha was going to make him late to continue that scared duty. And now he was running late. He prayed that the future predicted profits from this photo shoot were worth it. Tuition tome was coming around again and it looked like they were going to cut his hours at the bookshop as soon as the last of the August summer tourists rolled out of town. He had to think of something by then to make ends meet and keep his brother’s safe.
. He would prostitute himself before he saw his brothers starving and nothing would ever stop him from doing his wolfy best all to see them safe and cared for.
Despite the omega pheromones that sometimes surrounded Tego like some alluring perfume to alphas and t a lesser degree betas, he knew what he looked like and that it often left people more than a little bit confused when they first made his acquaintance. He didn’t look anything like the average omega and he behaved as if he were the most bad-assed alpha of them all.
Tego Morrison was six feet one inch of pure power. When he began to swell with muscle at the tender age of thirteen and his very proud alpha father had began to instill into him the principles of being the perfect alpha. After all with his rapid growth, what else could he be? At that young age, he stood nearly five and a half feet tall and his lanky form and begun to develop in ways that most alpha children dreamed.
Almost overnight his chest broadened and his skinny body blossomed until he no longer resembled his mother in face and form. His father had him pumping iron and training in marshal arts as soon as it was apparent his growth was not going to stop any time soon. As a security force officer, his father knew alpha material and thought it was his responsibility to, as his father put it, shape the perfect alpha.
He gained mass at a steady pace, ate enough to feed a small village, and still growth showed no signs of stopping until his eyes lightened from their dark blue to silver as his first heat struck at sixteen.
Heat, not rut.
His father had been devastated. Up until that point, Tego had been everything a powerful alpha could dream of in having an alpha son to carry on his legacy. But his appetite and growth, once a prize to be bragged about to the other security force brothers in his pack, was now a burden of horror and shame. He was nearly six feet tall by the time he was sixteen and he still wouldn’t stop growing.
What alpha would want a mate who looked and very well could take him in a fight? Tego was nothing like other omega males. He was too tall, too muscular; too sure of his own place in the world to even think about bending knee to any alpha he could beat up.
Tego finally tapped out at his full-grown height at seventeen, but the damage to his relationship with his father had already been done.
Even now, he looked about the beach and saw omegas, alphas and betas that witnessed the confrontation whispering and gossiping amongst about the pitifully large omega who would probably never find a willing mate even if he was right in his behavior in principle
Really, it was not like he wanted any of the ass-hats who stood around ready for a showdown between unknown alpha and the embarrassingly huge omega. He would rather ride out every heat with the help of his knotting dildo than to put up with one of those individuals who could not see how special he really was.
And damn it, he was special, he thought as he made it to the boardwalk and moved away from the masses of assistants and make up artists that came with the calendar photographer, Tamela Harvin, and her assistant here in Wolf Cove, Raven.
The sun beamed down on him as he deftly avoided screaming children at play and their haggard minders who chased after them and a few of the beautiful people who always hung out on beaches with their perfect tans and their perfect bodies ready to get laid. He frowned as he paused to pull on a t-shirt over the ragged tank top he wore for the shoot, and a pair of loose sweat pants over the trunks that added to the know mysterious alpha/omega look he had going. He knew his eyes were going to gleam silver in his photo and he didn’t give a hoot that the whole world would see him as a scandalous omega. It’s not like he was going to actually find a mate after all this time. As long as The Angel’s were seen to, he could not regret any turn his life would take.
He had just made it to the dark shade of the hotel’s beach lobby and slid his leather sandals onto his feet, when his mind began to wonder about all the realities of his life pressing down on him. He was trying to calculate how long it would take him to race across town to pick up The Angels from their sitter downstairs and start their dinner before he had to get serious about a term paper. If he ran he could probably make it home in time to even shower before he had to feed them. If he left now he could—
What was that smell?
In his headlong flight away from that embarrassing beach scene, he really had not been paying attention to what was going on around him. Now he was… there was… what… His walking slowed as he found himself lifting his chin, scenting the air around him.
It made his nipples hard and his ass grow soft and wet. He was suddenly glad for the layers of shirts and the baggy pants on over his trunks because one whiff of that intoxicating scent made his body react in ways that it never had before.
His cock hardened in his pants and his mouth began to water as a ringing, an odd tingling sound filled his head. He ignored the murmurs of the people in the lobby, the sounds of humanity as they moved about their business as the scent grew more powerful. The outside world all ceased to exist to him as his mouth watered and knew knees grew weak, He felt his insides quiver and a trickle of slick ran down the backs of his thighs. His body was shaking and his mind was racing and all he could do was track that scent. He had to find it.
Delicious, enticing, totally enthrawl—
He froze as he bumped into something hard. He brought his head down and then stood there in shock as his breath was torn from his body. Without a thought, without question, the biggest and baddest omega ever to be produced on Wolf Cove found himself dropping to his knees as a bright light flashed behind his eyes and his mind went blankall-the-small-things