How About some Bears? *g*

How about some bears? I really like bears! From the upcoming How Not to Date a Bear, Too… here’s Teddy and Richard! LOL Its a little Rated Hard R and unedited, but I love my guys so I’m sharing! LOL
“I needed this in my life,” Theo sighed, his body limp as a dishrag as Richard massaged the kinks and twists from his back that he was no doubt responsible fore.
“You needed fucked?”
“I needed fucked,” Theo confirmed, groaning as he buried his face deeper into his mattress.
Richard perched conformably atop his ass, digging his shoulders into his spine in a painfully blissful way of a deep tissues massage, snorted softly.
“I think you needed to lose control.”
“I am always in control–” Theo protested but was cut off as Richard reached a knot of muscle in his spine that he was coaxing free.
“Except when you are getting fucked.”
“I didn’t know,” Theo muttered, sinking deeper into the mattress. “I never get fucked.”
“But you rolled over for me…” he trialed off, bending to press a kiss to Theo’s neck.
“You are extraordinary,” Theo explained, reaching pack to pat one meaty thigh. Richard was built like a brick shit-house, as the saying went. “How could I not?”
“I want to see you again.”
Theo paused. He wanted more than anything to scream yes and give the man a key to his house. But he knew that would not be responsible… as he was a father.
“You don’t know how badly I want to see you again—“
“But?” the massage stopped as Richard climbed off his ass and before he could blink, flipped him over so he was on his back, his hair a mad tangle around his head, his gold eyes staring up earnestly at him.
“But I have duties I have to think about first.”
“God no,” Theo wrinkled his nose.
“Seeing someone else?”
“Family not know that you’re gay?”
“Out and proud,” Theo smirked. “And a father.”
Richard just stared. Theo burst out in laughter.
“You have children?”
“Child,” he corrected. “I have a son.”
Theo reached for a photograph on the bedside table. “Mowehhnk,” he explained. “My reason for everything I do.”
Richard took the photo and Theo smiled as the man’s expression softened. He knew he was looking at him and his son waving happily up at the camera. Both of their long hair was flying in the wind and to pairs of identical gold eyes glinted happily.
“He is adorable,” Richard grinned before looking down at him. “What does his name mean?” he asked, running his finger over the photograph. “It is Russian, I presume as you are a Polar Bear?”
“Little mischievous one,” Theo grinned proudly. “I named him after I held him for the first time… and he managed to pull out a handful of hair while looking innocent and new. The mane fit, but he us too calm and observant to cause any intentional mischief.”
“His mother?”
Theo’s smile melted. “Dead,” he answered his voice gone flat.
“I am sorry.”
“Don’t be,” Theo grumbled. “She was a bitch and her only redeeming quality was that she managed to incubate my child.”
“Okay,” Richard nodded and Theo relaxed as he realized that he was not going to be inundated with questions. “Family is all?”
“Family is all,” he nodded in agreement. “I want to see you again, but I am not sure if you don’t want the whole package.”
“I respect that,” Richard nodded. “So I am going to tell you what I am going to do. I am going to leave my card here. It has my home and cell numbers. I really want to see you again, but the decision is up to you, Theodore. If you want to see me again, call. Until then, no pressure.”
“No pressure?” Theo reached up and wrapped his arms around Richard’s neck, pulling him down to lick at his lips. “From where I am laying,” he ground his hips up into Richard’s groin, pressing his growing erection to his. “I am feeling a lot of pressure at the moment.”
“I think it would be my pleasure to relieve you of some of it,” he responded, pressing back and pushing his tongue inside Theo’s mouth. And then there was no talking, only moaning and screaming, for a good long time.
And when Richard finally walked out the front door, he left a tired, sated, boneless Theo on the bed and a plain black hard with his information on the bedside table.