Frost Bitten…

I love my anthropomorphic characters… frigging Bunny Rabbit… but I have been fighting with this guy for some time. Maybe posting him here and getting soem comments will help….
Frost Bitten
Damn, she knew how to touch him right!
The feel of her hot hands, those caressing fingers, sent fever hot tremors through his body.
He sighed as a wet tongue followed the trail of those fingers, across the tightly corded muscles of his stomach to the trail of hair that started just above his navel.
“Yes,” he muttered as he felt her tongue travel through his hair to lap at the base of his cock, making the eleven inches rock hard and pulse at her skilled touch.
She drug her tongue along the shaft, leaving a moist wet trail that her fingers firmly massaged into his skin as her hand fisted around his length.
The first puff of air on the hooded head caused streams of precum to roll out of his slit to be eagerly lapped up and savored.
As soon as his body registered this delicious sensation, his whole head was engulfed in the wettest hottest mouth that he had ever encountered.
“Gods,” he gasped as the skilled tongue began to run around his glands, to ease into the silken hood of his uncut cock, to tease the sensitive head inside.
“Mmm,” She purred as she began to suck.
He shuddered at her actions. It was a pleasure bordering on pain! She raked her nails across his back, combining the burning with the cool caress of her touch.
Again and again she raked her nails, tearing and rending…
Wait! This wasn’t right!
He tired to move, but suddenly, his hands were slammed against a wall, strong hard hands holding him in place.
He opened his mouth to protest such treatment, but a blinding pain so sharp struck his body that it left him mute and gasping for breath.
He opened his eyes and saw….
The same chamber, the same stone wall, the same manacles holding him in place.
“That was fun,” a female hissed from behind, in his ear and then he remembered in stunning clarity.
He was not in the bed of some pleasure master, he was being held captive in this hot place. And he wasn’t experiencing joy at a skilled woman’s hands, he was experiencing the after effects of the drugs she had forced into him.
It wasn’t all a dream; it was reality. And it wasn’t over yet.
“Kill me now! Please, for the love of the gods, kill me now!”
His body lashed, warm blood dripping down the numerous open wounds on his back, Dazz hung against the wall and muttered for death.
He would never give his captors the pleasure of hearing him scream, so he muttered silently to himself.
His people had the ability, when overwhelmed in a situation that would prolong their suffering, to will their bodies to shut down, but his innate ability was failing him. He just didn’t have the strength left.
He forced his tumbling legs to hold him a bit longer; to keep the weight off of his broken wrists, as he tried to muster up the will to extinguish the flame of life that flickered within him.
HE rested his head against the cold slimy wall, drawing some strength from the coolness of the stone, before he again closed his eyes and willed himself to death.
“What shall we do now? He is no fun anymore. He is broken! I want another one!”
His body stiffened at the sound of that petulant female voice, but he soon regretted it. At his movement, pain thundered through his body, almost knocking him off of his feet to dangle naked by his ankles, but he managed to keep upright.
Tears filled his eyes, but he would not let them fall. He was a warrior, unbroken as yet, and he would retain his honor until he could die according toe the dictates of his people.
“I told you not to whip him so,” another tired voice answered. “He is the only one of his kind here and too rare for your rough games.”
The older tired voice belonged to the Namny, the protector of the pampered female who held him captive.
“Well, I want another one!”
The petulant younger one was the Princess Elois, Empress of fire, his people’s mortal enemy.
“You can’t have another one,” The Namny sighed, loosing patience. “He was sent here to end the feud and become your life partner, Princess. That you have drugged him and tied him to the wall for some of your gentler sport will not sit well with his father. Now you must leave him to heal. When you father discovers what you have done….”
“But he will not, will he Namny?”
Elois’s voice took on a sinister tone as he felt her step closer to him.
“We will just tell my father that he took ill here and died before the ceremony could be completed. The war will end and I will have Hyatar, whom I desired to mate with all along.”
“But to kill him, Princess! He is innocent!”
“His kind are never innocent, Namny. They are born guilty and filled with lust and hate.”
“No more, Namny. I will have what I want, his people will have the peace they desire, and he is an acceptable loss.”
Before more could be said, there was a loud gong. Time fore the evening meal and a respite from his torture at the hands of the she-demon.
“At the meal, I shall inform father that my future partner took ill and that it is serious. It will be believed because his kind never deals well with the heat. And tonight, I shall have a final bit of sport before I finish him off. I may even keep a choice part or two, Namny. Although he is so cold to the touch, some parts of his body will be worth the effort to keep.”
Dazz stilled an involuntary shudder, still feigning unconsceinceness so that the women would leave him in peace.
As soon as the door closed, he opened his eyes and turned his head to survey the room.
There had to be a way out of this! His body refused to let him die, so he had to find some other route of escape.
But he saw the same thing, the bare stone walls and the light stone the illuminated his dungeon.
It was hopeless!
And to think that when he saw the black eyed beauty that would be his mate and bringer of peace; he was overwhelmed by his good fortune.
With long flowing red hair and tall muscular frame, Elois seemed the perfect mate for a warrior prince, sure and strong, honorable.
Those hopes were dashed as he was given drugged wine that very night and awoke manacled to this chamber wall.
AS soon as he gave a sign of conscienceless, his true torture had begun.
Now standing here, his back a ribbon of flesh, both wrist broken, his ears clipped and his tail smashed, death still seemed his only hope of escape. He just prayed that he could muster the strength before she started cutting parts off of his body.
As he braced for pain and tugged at the cuffs holding his hands above his head, the door opened and soft footfalls made his mutilated ears flutter.
“No one deserves this,” a voice muttered and the old face of Namny filled his vision.
“Free me,” Dazz hissed, his almond shaped green eyes blazing with what life was left in his body.
“I can’t!” Namny looked terrified as she saw the struggling form of the Snow Cat who would have wed her charge, The Princess of Fire. His silvery white hair was now dull and lifeless as his shattered tail as it stuck to the open wounds on his back. His breathing was labored, as her mistress kept the torture chamber extremely warm by Snow Cat standards, thought it was perfectly suited for her kind.
“Then kill me.”
She stared steadily into her eyes, his eyes never wavering. He was ready to end this existence and find some peace in the blankness of death.
“I can’t” she whispered as she hung her head in shame. What had caused her charge to become so…evil? No one should suffer like this.
“Then free me!” he demanded again.
“They will catch you, kill you.”
“Then I shall die an honorable death in combat! Not hanging on the wall like a slaughter beast of prey.”
Namny struggled with herself, with her loyalty to her mistress and her sense of honor that had been well and truly tainted.
Finally, looking over her shoulder fearfully, Namny walked over and uncoupled the cuffs that held him bound to the wall.
Dazz groaned and hissed as his arms dropped like stones to his sides. They were dead for now, but he knew that the returning feelings would make a peaceful death seem more pleasant.
He felt his knees tremble, then pressure as an arm wrapped around his shoulders and held him upright.
“There is a portal around in the next room,” Namny whispered as he began to lead him form the room, mindless of the blood that soaked through her robes. “I will take you there and you need only speak of the place you wish to go. Instantly, you will be taken there.”
“How can I repay you,” Dazz whispered as he fought to move one foot in front of the other, to keep from falling on his face.
“Live, warrior. Live and do not let yourself mistrust all females for what my mistress has done.”
“My father will more than likely retaliate.”
“As is his right.”
“What is your name, so that you may be spared bloodshed?”
“No, your given birth name.”
“It’s been so long since it’s been used,” she mused as she eased the chamber door open and led him down the hall, peaking around each corner as they moved.
“What is it, so that I may know my savior, not some generic title.”
“Clo,” she whispered, a smile caressing the age worn lines in her face. “Clo the fair.”
But then she became silent as they moved throughout the halls of the lower castle.
After a few twists and turns, and at one point hiding form the guard, Clo and Dazz found themselves at the transport chamber.
“I cannot accompany you inside, warrior. But all you have to do is whisper your destination and you will be taken there.”
“What will happen to you?” Dazz asked, as he began to feel the first sighs of life returning to his arms. He knew that the small tingles would grow larger and turn into an itch. Then the itch would become a red-hot flame that would all but remove any thought but agony from his mind.
“Maybe she will kill me. Maybe she will never know. I am too old to care.”
That said, she opened the chamber and pushed him inside.
“Fare well, Young Warrior,” she said as she urged him inside. “May your heart find what it seeks.”
“Peace, Clo the fair. Nothing more than peace.”
That said, he entered the dark chamber and uttered one word as the tingles became an itch and burning pain was not far off.
Then his world went black.