Flash Fiction Fridays!!!!

Flash Fiction Done and Done! LOL I call it Fabulous! LOL
“What the…”
I stared at the reflection in the mirror and couldn’t believe what was staring back.
I lifted one hand, watching as the being in the mirror did the same.
This had got to be some kind of joke.
I had only stopped in for a quick look before for dinner and….
“Oh my…”
Its mouth moved with mine.
It was like some cartoon, where the protagonist does a bunch of weird shit before a mirror until someone makes a mistake… only there were no mistakes being made.
My eyes widened and its eyes followed.
“Trippy,” watching at it mouthed the same words.
We were wearing the same outfits…moving the same.
Maybe it was my inner self….
From its mile high piled up platinum hair to the extreme eye make-up…
Who knew my inner self was a drag queen?
Oh well. I was going to be late for dinner.