Good Morning all! And as this is the first Monday in a new month… Feel free to ask me anything! *g* Baring the SSI number, I will endeavor to answer all your questions, no matter how embarrassing. So… Go Ahead… Ask me Anything!

4 Replies to “ASK ME ANYTHING”

  1. It would be that! LOL I am nearly done writing. It’s longer than the previous books because of the mystery and the reveal, so I am thinking in another 2 months. Then it is up to Red Rose to hand me my editor and my release date.

  2. My first question ever for ya…:)
    How about an update for release of the third of the Testrios set? Been waiting for that one, almost as long as Dragon Clutch.

    1. Testrios is up to my publisher. If we can work something out, I will have that one out post haste. *g8 Ember has grown into one of my favorites. *g*

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