ARGH White Death from Above

DAY 2, snowpocalypse, supplies getting low. If the rum bottle hits empty then there will be no telling what I would do. Carrots and dip remain plentiful for now but for how long? The oven is taunting me, cursing me, trying to force me to turn it on and back something sticky and gooey. I refuse, feeling the natives will …expect fresh baked goods all the time. But I fear my resolve is weakening.
The pass is now snowed over and the workers refuse to venture back out into the storm until visibility is no linger an issue. I fear I will soon have a revolt on my hands. God help us if the supply of toilet paper, milk, and bread runs out. If that happens–if that happens then surly White Death from Above will surely claim us all! ROTLFMAO
Actually, since the kids are out for the week, I have but them to work! Oh they are begging to go back to school now!
They scrubbed hte kitchen floor in the good old fashioned way, on thier hands and knees, baby! And then they were forced to help me clean my office. I couldn;t write in there. It was coverd with Manga, and video games, and childrnes books, and all thier crap they had no idea to do wiht, and a rabbit. Well, the rest of the stuf fins gone, thy bunny stays, but I can sit and write there now! WOO HOO! No more hiding in the bedroom. Now if I can get a door…. *G8 After that, my sitting room got a thought scrubbing, cat hair removal, carpet cleaning and wall wipe down. THen we danced into the Living room where the couches were scrubbed, and dusted, the carpet was cleaned and all traces of children were eradicated…okay almost. HTe video game systems can stay. *g*
I made Dev walk to the market with me, who told him to get taller than me anyway, and we haled a guy push his minivan off of the solid sheet of ice our road has become. Plow trucks? What are those? This is Baltimore City, Hon! THE drivers are probably still celebrating the Colt’s defeat! LOL But we have to dig ourselves out until the city can get to us, which will probably be somewhere around Sunday if we are lucky. WEll, we descended onto the empty market filled whit panicking shoppers and old people telling stories about the great one back on aught seventy three, sussed out some food type stuffs, snacks were at an all time low thanks to Super Bowl Parties, but I got my carrots and French Onion dip. Mama is pleased. We trudged home with our spoils and I got to list to Dev make arthritis jokes along the way, until I gave him teh bigger bags to carry. He’s bigger than me anyway, time for him to carry the three gallon jug of juice! LOL He shut up soon after that and remained subdued form teh remainder of the trek home. I love making a point without having to say a word! LOL
Once back home, they went over everything they missed before I dressed Malani in costume and stuck her out in the falling snow to take some costume photos. She looks so cute and so ticked! LOL Mommy, I;m cold! Shut up and hold the candle higher. I need to get the glitter sparkling on your face! LOL I am such a mean mommy!
Then I allowed them to shower and I gave them the donuts I secretly sequestered for them at the market. See? Some small reward for cleaning up the mess that they made int eh first place. the house smells like a combo of Lysol and febreeze. Yeah Me! *g*
Then it was time for me to lick my wounds. I dislocated my hip three times, I strained my back muscles, I gave myself on massive migraine, and my hands feel like they are twisting apart from the inside, stupid joint pain. But the house is clean for the most part.
Today, I make them do the pantry! WOO HOO! Child Labor! *g* And if all goes according to plan, there will de three books finished by tomorrow. Now I jjust have to beg my editors to take a look at them for publication.
Flash, Working in a winter wonderland.