A funny Thing Happened on the Way to Otakon….

More like a week before, a very funny thing happened. When my knees locked from sitting and sewing on the floor, I determined that I am getting old!
I am getting good at hiding it, but man, my knees… my back… ouch and not from any good happy adult themed times! Sniffle.
But I carried on and turned a bunch of cardboard, and paper mache, spray pain, and a lot of found material into this …
You missed the blood, sweat, tears, and crying that went on to make this happen. Be thankful! LOL My best friend often called just to see if everyone had stuffed me into the closet yet.   Sigh… misunderstood creative impulses.
But that was the hard part, the cutting, and measuring, and ripping apart and starting over…. the checks on make up and original art to get the characters right…
Oh! The characters! Let me see, SUPER HERO ROLL CALL starting from left to right we have…
Malani Burke as Female Thor… Time to Drop the Hammer Down!!
Stephane Burke as Karma from the MMO game League of Legends… my favorite quote from her is Guess What’s About to Hit the Fan?
Devlyn Burke as Draven from the MMO League of Legends… his quite, Welcome to the League of Draven…he’s that arrogant!
Austin Burke as Gohan from Dragon Ball… Kamah ammmah… Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! LOL
There were others who declined to be in the photo, but that’s okay as I didn’t make theirs! LOL
It was a three day blast and so much fun that I hurt in ways I haven’t since child birth and I didn’t care! THere was much to see and do… so many friends, and of course, the Ladies Choice Henti Panel.
Usually, this is a panel that good friend and author PJ Schnyder and I do together, but this year PJ had to be called out of town unexpectedly. But PJ carried through and sent me the Power Point we use and some clips she wanted there. All I and to do was edit, add my own clips, and have fun. Well, that is not all. PJ as the most perfect roommate ever. Alex came in and helped my running tech for me. I could not have done that without him and I owe him big time. My blonde baby Alexis also loaned me one of her friends to help pass out promo and swag and keep people excited as there was a small delay in finding an AV cord for an apple…. Grumble! It it was all good. We managed to keep over 450 people excited and happy and the clips went over very well indeed… though we had a few guys escape when the yaoi started! LOL WE also had two guys take off their shirts and as usual the sounding out the erotic soundtrack for a clip! LOL Fun and embarrassment for all! LOL
Then it was photos and running around, and of course a bar trip or two, and more photos and the dealers room, and freinds who own businesses, running around….
every year I say I am too old to do this.. and every year I wind up doing more! LOL Now I guess I had better start getting suggestion for next years con. I hurt, I am sore, but I wouldn’t trade this time for the world. *g*