A bit of the All Right from Cherry Crush!

Laney stared in open-mouthed wonder at the perfect backside that was suddenly presented to her.
Chan’s body was one delightful plane of white creamy flesh. Framed by his dark hair, his ass was two mouthwatering, rounded muscular globes of tender looking flesh.
His legs were long and thick with muscles, hairless and cut to perfection.
Her mouth became as dry as the Sahara, and a stilted groan of pleasure rolled form her mouth as her lower stomach clenched, sending a rush of heat straight to her groin.
She watched as he slowly turned in her direction, then an endearingly sweet blush spread out over his body.
With that one look, she felt hungry and empty all at once. She licked her lips, resembling the kitten that Chan always called her, a hungry kitten staring at a tempting morsel that looked almost ready to bolt.
She grinned, feeling more the predator than the prey, the liquid rush to her groin, and the swelling of her labia, more than showing her body’s approval of this change in attitude.
She rose up on her knees, fear and anguish forgotten. She wanted Chan in her bed now, and it wasn’t for platonic comfort either.
Chan jerked his robe in front of him, sputtering apologies as he tried to cover his cock…and the rapid swelling of said member before he scared her.
Only…only Laney wasn’t looking scared at all.
He gulped, watching her gaze travel over his body, then she sat on him, resting on her knees, her eyes beckoning him closer.
“Laney-kitten?” he asked, arranging his robe in its proper place, reaching into his closet and jerking out the first robe his hands touched. “I-I ah…. I have…a…robe….”
“Not what I need,” she breathed, gaze traveling up and down his body, making is cock lurch. He shifted slightly, feeling the tip grow damp. His stones rolled in their sac, and with trembling hands, he tightened his robe sash, hoping to hide his erection. Funny, he had a feeling that he was wasting his time. The tides seemed to have turned, and there was no trace of the gnawing fear that had perfumed the air before.
“Now. No more. I want you.”