Tonight, I sat on the porch and I watched the sky dance.
Surrounded by the lemony scent of Moon Flowers and  spicy scent of echinacea, and tangy smell fox glove, I watched the magic light up the sky.
The moon was nearly full, playing peek-a-boo with the flowing pillowey clouds and it blew past It winked at me as I sat in awe.
The pulses of light from the sky illuminated those same clouds giving us bursts of lavender and gray and silver and gold.
All the while, fireflies fluttered and twirled, showing off their mating gold and putting on a show for all who wanted to sit and watch to enjoy.
I looked up into the sky and was enamored of the bling in Orion’s belt and I coveted it for myself, thought I know I could never earn it. I felt myself take a mental dip in the Big Dipper as for a moment, I soared through the Milky Way, an early evening mental vacation.
Even the airplanes redirected in the purple velvet of the night sky added their own special steps, a slow sensuous tango, to the dance that seemed to be just for me…
and for anyone brave enough to sit in the humid night and watch the sky dance.
I felt infinity. I felt minute and helpless. I felt privileged and honored. I felt a peach and all at once excited abut the future, the tomorrows that haven’t happened yet and I made peace with my yesterdays that can never be changed.
And I watched the sky dance.
I just wish I could share it all with you.
Well, maybe I just did…a little