Voyurtease (Chase and Chance Book 1)

Cover - Voyurtease (Chase and Chance Book 1)

He is raw and untamed yet treats her like a lady.

She is tired of being coddled and wants to walk on the wild side.

It took one night of spying on her boyfriend to discover the wildness he tries to keep hidden, but could he stop treating her like a fragile hothouse flower and deliver the passion she saw during her voyurtease?

Friends and Lovers (Chase and Chance Book 2)

Cover - Friends and Lovers (Chase and Chance Book 2)

Chance, Chase's twin, is in a bad place. A major loss has sent him to his best friend for comfort.

Their mini-vacation is supposed to relax and soothe them both, but a freak thunderstorm traps them in a cabin, with no way out until the floodwaters recede.

It is by chance their attraction to each other is exposed. It is by choice they decide to see how far their hunger can go.

Ultimately they prove during that passion-filled night that friends really do make the best lovers.

Tempest (Chase and Chance Book 3)

Cover - Tempest (Chase and Chance Book 3)

It is a dangerous storm that drives her off the road, but her desire for the two men who saved her is what drives her passion now. The mysterious woman who winds up on Chase and Chances' doorstep is beautiful beyond belief, innocent in the most tantalizing of ways, and up for new experiences with the two men. The night they share enflames them all with a passion more powerful than the Tempest that brought them all together.