Its time for you R rated Hump Day Hump!

This one coming soon from Changeling Press… meet Kiara, from How Not to Date a Centaur! WOOT! “Good Lord, I’m gonna die!” The wind stole her words and her breath as Kiara gripped the steering line and the toggle, desperately trying to control her descent. This was what she got for buying into some bargain

It's Time for Your Hump Day Hump!!!!

ts time for Your Hump Day Hump! This excerpt is from The Holy Dark brought to you by me and the fine people of Beautiful Trouble Publishing! Meet Kayla, scientist extraordinair… and the shape shifter Dark *g* “Stay back!” Kaylla bellowed, looking around for anything to defend herself. “You just wait until my dog gets

That OMG Moment when you realize you are sleeping with the preternatural Mafia….

This is a IMG moment… when you realize you are sleeping with the son of a preternatural mafia Don… I give you Arden’s dark realizations the novel I am working on called A Murder of Crows: Damus…. “You want me to get to my father, yes?” Damus tilted his head as he stared down at

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright… an M/M 4-some coming up…

WE had some drama, some action… now back to the comedy! I am writing this one for my beta Mona Bronson-Fuqua and my friend Judy Buranich… Man, this is the series that will kill me! LOL Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright Stephanie Burke “Oh my God, I don’t believe what my eyes are trying to tell me!” “What?” the