The Perfect Spice (Perfect Seasoning 2)

Cover - The Perfect Spice (Perfect Seasoning 2)Title: The Perfect Spice
Series: Perfect Seasoning #2
Genre: ,
Pages: 19
Release Date: 2012
Published by: Changeling Press

He knew he was not supposed to watch. But she was so perfect, so hot, so hungry....

And now the master has discovered his trespass. Whatever Master has planned for his punishment will be sure to add the Perfect Spice to his slavery.

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Breath burning as it blew through his dry mouth, he ran. His bare feet pounded on the ground and his heart raced in time with the footfalls. He could feel the sweat bead up on his forehead, burning as it dripped into his eyes, but he didn't dare slow his stride long enough to wipe it away.

He was so scared.

The coppery taste of fear overflowed his throat, nearly choking him on the emotion that lent his feet flight and made him hyper aware of everything around him.

He nearly stumbled as a loud metallic clank to his left made him jerk in surprise. It also jolted the ring wrapped tightly at the base of his cock. He whimpered as the small electric shock sizzled his throbbing member and sent a jolt to his overflowing balls.

God, he had never felt this hard before, this hungry. He was hard enough to fuck a hole in concrete, yet he knew he dared not stop and touch. It was forbidden, the touching, unless at the consent of his master.

It was almost painful to walk and nearly impossible to run. That he had maintained this pace for so long was a testament to the training he received under his master's unforgiving hand and his own steely will.

He felt his master's favorite lubricant, the kind his master preferred for prolonged sex play, slide from around the toy that throbbed in his ass. It dripped between his ass cheeks, making the tight flesh slide together in a way he knew his master found pleasing.

And his master was watching. He could feel those eyes burning between his shoulder blades, urging him to run faster, harder, to try and get away.

Catch and tease was a favorite game of his master's, and the man was deliciously cruel when it came to dishing out retribution for any perceived wrong.

Yet... yet this game of chase -- this time it was all his fault.

He had only wanted to look.

Everyone in his master's household had spoken of his beloved slave, had spoken of her grace in submission, how she wallowed in pain and pleasure for their master, how perfect she was.

Women held a special place in his master's household. There were the breeders, for his master was a mighty warrior and had sired many healthy males for the empire, and the women he chose to bear his progeny were always the brightest, the most beautiful, the most alluring before they were converted.

Males in his master's household served quite a different purpose.