How Not to Date A Dragon Lord

Cover - How Not to Date A Dragon Lord (How Not To Date 13)

War is coming.

Vissar sends Alita, his Dragon Lord who speaks with his voice, to the village below with orders for the upcoming invasion. Trouble is, Alita would rather burn the village to the ground than speak with any of them.

But orders are orders and Alita, along with her lover, the runaway princess Suli, in tow must venture down to the village. Explosive secrets are bound to be revealed and Alita is forced to deal with her own painful past as a dragon sacrifice.

Meanwhile, the army is advancing, Vissar’s heat is rapidly approaching, his mate Nithe is off finalizing business in the dragon lands, and the idiot Prince Ranid keeps advancing, despite the drama unfolding in his own camp…


Cover - Seascape

How sexy can a woman be after being tossed out of a plane into the deep blue sea? Very, apparently…Dr. Elanna Richfield, a world-renowned oncologist, is tossed out of a small, hijacked plane by a drugged-out fanatic over the Pacific Ocean.Storm is minding his business, sunning himself on the waves, doing what Merfolk do on vacation, when a beautiful, dark-skinned human falls into his lap.

Elanna thought she would never see the light of another day -- especially from several fathoms below. But Storm opens up a world she has never seen. A world filled with magical, elemental creatures of unending beauty and mystery. A world filled with political intrigue and danger.Now if she can survive mystical transformations, jealous queens, and the dictates of a ruling council, she may very well discover true passion and desire within her Seascape.

Publisher’s Note: Seascape by Stephanie Burke has been previously published by another house. The current edition has been edited for formatting and typographical errors only. No content changes have been made.