Contest Winner

Sorry! I kind of fell asleep! *g* But the winner of the How Not to Date an alien is….. The Burnett!!!! Congratulations, Hon! You are now the proud possessor of Your very own Alien Basket, the custom made hat, and a copy of How Not to Date an Alien!!!1 WOO HOOO! You are one sick

Absolute Perfection Update… My Naga Saga, snicker, now has a new date. Due to things and happenings, the new release date for Absolute Perfection is not September 14. September 14 at loose Id Press, people! Its hot male on male snake/seahorse love! Perfect end to the summer! LOL Contest to follow! Flash

Tonight, I sat on the porch and I watched the sky dance. Surrounded by the lemony scent of Moon Flowers and  spicy scent of echinacea, and tangy smell fox glove, I watched the magic light up the sky. The moon was nearly full, playing peek-a-boo with the flowing pillowey clouds and it blew past It